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As a PCBA supplier with TS16949 certification, we know that there are a series of quality requirements and standards that need to be followed when producing PCBAs in the automotive industry. Here are some important things you need to be aware of: First of all, the automotive industry has very high requirements for the quality and reliability of PCBAs.

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High Reliability

In the production process, the requirements of TS16949 must be strictly followed, and a comprehensive quality management system must be established and implemented. This includes ensuring traceability of the supply chain, selecting raw materials and components that meet industry standards, and conducting stringent production controls and testing. Secondly, reliability testing is also a step that cannot be ignored. Automotive electronic products need to work under harsh conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, vibration, etc. Therefore, before production, various reliability tests must be carried out to verify the performance and reliability of the product in various extreme environments. In addition, the design and production process must comply with specific industry standards, such as IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001, etc. These standards stipulate the design specifications and production requirements of PCBA to ensure the quality and reliability of products. Following these standards increases product consistency and reliability, and reduces quality issues.

Flexible Customization

In addition, regular supplier audits and evaluations are also very important. The supply chain in the automotive industry is complex, and it is necessary to ensure that the selected PCBA suppliers meet the certification requirements of TS16949 and are able to conduct assessments of supply chain management, quality management, and technical capabilities to ensure that they can meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Choosing a PCBA supplier with TS16949 certification can ensure that you follow the quality requirements and standards when producing PCBAs in the automotive industry, and get high-quality and reliable products. We, [Company Name], as a TS16949 certified supplier, have the experience and expertise to provide you with PCBA solutions that meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

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